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How often have you gone to a game site and seen images of beautiful avatars & worlds that were rendered in some 3D program, then you get in the game, and it doesn't even look close?

Well the images you see above, are actually screen grabs taken right inside our game! When you play, that is what you will see and best of all, it plays right inside your browser! That's right, no huge downloads to install, it is built on the popular Unity 3D plugin.

Now create your OWN virtual world with our easy to use system. We have spent years developing this technology with 3 goals in mind.
1. To make it as easy as possible to use.
2. Keep it less expensive than anyone else.
3. Create the highest quality available in a browser.

We feel we have completed our goals and want you to join for FREE and start creating your OWN virtual universe. Don't let our simple interface fool you, there is a LOT of power under the hood.

Sign up now and reply to our newsletter and we will pay you 1000 Tokens to start your journey!
FriendsHangout is a huge collection of beautifully rendered 3D worlds that you can explore with users from around the world. Chat, play games, create avatars, design worlds and so much more...
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