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General  Trivia

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
Which musical artist was NOT featured as playable avatars in the game "DJ Hero"?

Dr. Dre DJ Shadow Grandmaster Flash Daft Punk

Category: General Knowledge
In which fast food chain can you order a Jamocha Shake?

Wendy's Arby's Burger King McDonald's

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
Mirror's Edge Catalyst takes place in the City of...?

Glass Mirrors Purity Diamonds

Category: Geography
Which country is the home of the largest Japanese population outside of Japan?

Russia Brazil China The United States

Category: General Knowledge
Which of the following Ivy League universities has its official motto in Hebrew as well as in Latin?

Harvard University Columbia University Yale University Princeton University

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In which Mario game did the Mega Mushroom make its debut?

Super Mario 3D World Mario Party 4 Mario Kart Wii New Super Mario Bros.

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In Grand Theft Auto: V, what wanted level does the player receive if they enter Zancudo Army Base north of Los Santos?

1 4 5 3

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
What is the name of the virus that infected New York in Tom Clancy's The Division?

Red Poison Smallpox Dollar Flu Ebola

Category: Entertainment: Japanese Anime & Manga
In the anime, "Full Metal Panel", who is Kaname's best friend?

Ren Mikihara Kyoko Tokiwa Melissa Mao Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa

Category: Geography
The Alps are a mountain range on which continent?

North America Africa Europe Asia