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General  Trivia

Category: Entertainment: Comics
In the DC Comics 2016 reboot, Rebirth, which speedster escaped from the Speed Force after he had been erased from existance?

Johnny Quick Eobard Thawne Wally West Jay Garrick

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
Who is the main villain of the Crash Bandicoot series?

Dr. Neo Cortex Dr. Cortox Sir Cartex Dr. Evo-Cortex

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In Animal Crossing, who is the manager of the town shop?

Gracie K.K. Slider Mr. Resetti Tom Nook

Category: Entertainment: Japanese Anime & Manga
Which animation studio produced "Log Horizon"?

Xebec Production I.G Sunrise Satelite

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In the game "Overwatch," what are the names of the two Australian criminals from the Junkers faction?

McCree and Deadeye Ana and Pharah Junkrat and Roadhog Roadrat and Junkhog

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In World of Warcraft Lore, four Old Gods created a giant and powerful creature. What was it called?

The Ancient One The Lich King Anomalous Eater of Souls

Category: Entertainment: Board Games
How many dice are used in the game of Yahtzee?

Four Five Eight Six

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
Which student in Yandere Simulator is known for asking irritating and stupid questions?

Midori Gurin Pipi Osu Kokona Hruka Oka Ruto

Category: Celebrities
Who out of these actresses is the youngest?

Kiernan Shipka Bonnie Wright Emma Watson Ariel Winter