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General  Trivia

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In the "Ace Attorney" series, what is the relationship between Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright?

They're friends They're half-siblings They're co-workers They're both attorneys

Category: Entertainment: Film
Which of the following movies was not based on a novel by Stephen King?

Misery The Green Mile The Thing Carrie

Category: Animals
What is Grumpy Cat's real name?

Sauce Tardar Sauce Broccoli Minnie

Category: Sports
Which team won 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil?

Argentina Brazil Netherlands Germany

Category: Entertainment: Comics
In the Batman comics, by what other name is the villain Dr. Jonathan Crane known?

Calendar Man Bane Scarecrow Clayface

Category: Celebrities
Who out of these actresses is the youngest?

Kiernan Shipka Bonnie Wright Emma Watson Ariel Winter

Category: Entertainment: Board Games
How many points is the Z tile worth in Scrabble?

8 5 6 10

Category: Sports
What cricketing term denotes a batsman being dismissed with a score of zero?

Duck Carry Bye Beamer

Category: Entertainment: Video Games
In what year was Garry's Mod released as a standalone title on Valve's Steam distribution service?

2006 2004 2003 2007

Category: Entertainment: Japanese Anime & Manga
What is the name of the school in the anime and manga "Gosick"?

St. Mary St. Marguerite St. Bernadette St. Augustine